Faculty Advisors

Janet Green-Electronic Art

Michael Henninger-Electronic Art/Pictorial Art

Phillip Hofstetter-Chair

Scott Hopkins-Photography/Electronic Art

Mark Levy-Art History

Grace Munakata-Pictorial Art

Amy Oakland-Art History

Ian Pollock-Electronic Art

Gwyan Rhabyt-Multimedia Grad Program/ Electronic Art/Spatial Art

Suzy Wear-Electronic Art


This page is to welcome our new and transfer students to the Art Department of Cal State East Bay. We hope to provide you with some helpful information and links.


Students should consult with an advisor as soon as they can upon arriving on campus. Your advisor can help answer questions about the curriculum as well as Options, etc. Advisors in the Art Department advise you about your major. Please see the list on the sidebar. You can make an appointment by emailing the advisor. If you need help with your GE advising, you can speak to someone at the University Advising Center. They offer appointment and drop-in times.

Faculty Office Hours for the current quarter are available through the Art Department's Main Webpage. Click here then see the link on the left column for faculty office hours. You can usually make an appointment by emailing the Professor.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I contact an advisor in the department?

Start by finding out when the particular faculty member has office hours. There is a link to that information on the Art Department website and a list in the Art Office. You can make an appointment by emailing the Professor directly.

How do I know what to take?

You can download the "Art Department Roadmap" in PDF (Portable document format). This document was developed by the Art Department to give you a plan for which courses you should take each year.


What is an "Option" and how do I declare one?

An Option is a focus within your Art major. There are several available in the Art Department (Graphic Design, Art History, Photography, etc.) all of which are listed in the Catalog. You should decide on an Option as soon as you can as it will determine your course of study. If you did not declare an option when you applied to CSUEB, then you should fill out the "Change of Major" form that is available online or in the Art Department Office. You can hand the form in to the Student Administration Building (SSA). If you decide to change your option, or declare more than one, you would use the same procedure.


If I am an Electronic Art Option Major (Graphic Design, Web Design, or Multimedia), how do I know which class I should take first?

First, you should check what catalog year you are in. You can find this by going to MyCSUEB and checking your degree progress. If you came straight from a Community College and had declared your major there, you would likely be in the catalog year you started at the Community College. It's a good idea to check and make sure. This form is for those of you in the 2014-2015 catalog. This is the most common and up to date. This grid will show you all the courses in order. The courses on the left are in prerequisite order. The courses on the right, with no lines between them, can be taken in any order.


What if I have questions about my General Education requirements?

Refer to the above link to the Academic Advising Center, sometimes known as AACE.


How can I find out what's on at the area Museums?

Go to your Blackboard page. Under "My Organizations", if you have declared yourself an Art Major, you should be part of the Art Organization. You will find links to all the big Museum venues under Course Documents!


I still don't know who to direct my questions to...

Contact Jan Martinez in the Art Office. She knows everyone! (Take note of the office hours there.)


CSU Art Department

Art and Education Building, Room 1233


Website: Art Department Home

Email: artdept@csueastbay.edu